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After making an appointment you’ll receive a patient history form via email. Complete this form and return it. (You can also download the form from this website.)

The consultation involves a preliminary meeting to discuss your problem followed by a pulse, tongue and stomach examination. Subsequently, 80 to 100 acupuncture points are measured on the hands and feet using Electro Physiological Diagnostics.

Based on this information a broad picture is created, bringing physical deficiencies, dysfunctions and abnormalities to light. Using standard and complimentary medical research, a remedy is sought to bring the body back in balance. The choices are based on knowledge but tested minutely by the patient’s body. The remedy is placed in a measuring circuit where various physiological functions are then measured to test the remedy’s effectiveness on an individual’s body. This gives Mesology a unique diagnostic advantage: before being sold the medicine is precisely tested, without pain or invasive examinations, then measured to make sure it is the proper treatment for each individual patient.

Besides choosing the appropriate therapy, I also research eating patterns and dietary habits—to determine if digestion issues may be an aspect of the client’s overall physical complaints. If my diagnosis concludes that particular types of food are not being properly digested, dietary advice follows. Not all cases involve diet, but this process allows me to include or rule out digestive issues.

After 6 to 8 weeks another consultation is planned.

How is the treatment progressing?

Results from the initial consultation are reviewed to see how the treatment is progressing. Nutritional supplements, herbs and homeopathic remedies are thus adjusted as needed and possible dietary changes considered.

Each consultation lasts 75 minutes.


In order to detect physiological dysfunctions, Mesology treatment involves various techniques:

Electro Physiological Diagnostics (EPD) measures the condition of various organs via acupuncture points on different meridians. A meridian is an energetic connection between varying acupuncture points where energy from the internal body is detectable.
The measuring machine that a Mesologist uses has a weak electrical current that is physically undetectable by the patient. Acupuncture’s energetic properties are then translated into a measureable value. Results also involve testing various herbs, vitamins, minerals and homeopathic compounds to see which substance enhances a particular organ’s energy. Organs showing an appropriate value function ideally.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a centuries old Chinese healing practice involving the body’s equilibrium—achieving results by optimizing organ synergy, finding the patient’s internal balance (yin/yang) and keeping a healthy energy flow (Qi).
Mesology treats irregularities in yin/yang balance with dietary advice. Furthermore, a Mesologist supports the formation and functionality of Qi, supporting organ health with herbs, diet, vitamins, minerals and homeopathy.

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Ayur Veda literally translates to knowledge of life. Every human has a unique energy composition beginning at birth. As the years pass this personal energy can be interrupted or altered causing possible corporal dysfunctions. Mesology determines ones birth constitution and accompanying energy condition by measuring these two factors. Ayurvedic herbs, vitamins, minerals and dietary advice can then be used, if needed, to optimize energy levels.

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Homeopathy is a therapy that works by giving a specific incentive to the body’s self-curing ability, reacting accurately to a specific complaint. Mesology tests homeopathic remedies via EPD to decide if a particular self-healing possibility is supportable.

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Orthomolecular treatment uses nutrition and eating patterns to maximize potential essential nutrients, bringing the body in balance. Mesology determines, using EPD, if vitamin, mineral, trace element or amino acid deficiencies are present. Using this technique supplements can be recommended unique to your case.

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Supplement advice can involve:

  • orthomolecular products: vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids
  • homeopathic remedies
  • phytotherapy: herbal therapy, both eastern (i.e. Ayurveda) and western in origin.

Nutritional advice can involve:

  • advice to bring your constitution in balance using Ayurveda techniques.
  • if specific food allergies or oversensitivity exist, an eating pattern will be customised for your individual case.

If testing shows a specific oversensitivity for a certain food, an adjustment to your eating pattern is recommended for you.

Prescription medicine should be continued during Mesology treatment, unless stopping said medicine is determined possible by you or your doctor. Drug interactions with Mesology therapy are always considered in your treatment, and specific therapies can be adjusted depending on what prescription medications are being used. De Huizer Pharmacy in Huizen, the Netherlands, controls these possible drug interactions. This pharmacy has developed a specific department for this research.