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I am Dafna Suskind (1973)

Natural medicine and human welfare has interested me since a young age. I’ve always been inquisitive about health, sickness and the quest for balance of body and mind.

I searched and studied to develop different views on health; Mesology offered a unique bridge between my personal beliefs and medicine. Mesology is widely recognised as a combination of fundamental knowledge and question asking—creating total human therapy instead of treating only individual symptoms. This mirrored my own beliefs, attracting me further into mesological study.

The individual healing process

As a Mesologist, I integrate various techniques from complimentary medicine and search for the deeper root of physical ailments. Part of my practice specializes in the influence of nutrition on health and the individual healing process. Balanced nutrition and the effects of various foods on the body vary per individual. What is good for one person can sabotage another’s health.

Using Mesology research techniques I test which foods fit your nutrition profile and which do not, thereby creating a personalised treatment.